Skyward Sword Trailer

The new trailer for the upcoming Zelda game: Skyward Sword was released at GDC. As a big fan of Link’s adventures I am really excited about this game. As you may know I have made a fanart poster for Skyward Sword. To sweeten the waiting time check out the new Trailer:

And in memory of good old times some retro commercials:

Zelda I:

Zelda II:

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Short Film by Spike Jonze: I´m Here

Today I saw a beautiful short film by Spike Jonze called I´m Here. It´s a love story between to robots from L.A. The film was released earlier this year in march and sponsored by Absolut. You can watch the whole movie (30 Minutes) for free at I really recommend it to you. Check out the Trailer to get some foretaste: