Voodoo Child Texteffect

I am a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix and my favorite song is “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”. This song inspires me a lot and I wanted to create something with it. I have made a few sketches and decided to make a texteffect with lots of twirls. Check it out:

Voodoo Child Texteffect by solemone

Voodoo Child Texteffect with Hendrix by solemone

Voodoo Child T-Shirt by solemone

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Text Effect Tutorials

As a graffiti enthusiast I really love to play with fonts and texteffects. The possibilities are virtually unlimited. Sites like Abduzeedo and VectorTuts+ provide a great bunch of tutorials for texteffects.

Tutorial: <a href="http://vector.tutsplus suisse viagra g.com/tutorials/text-effects/create-a-vibrant-3d-pixel-type-treatment/”>Create a Vibrant 3D Pixel Type Treatment

solemone Pixel 3D Texteffect

Tutorial: How to make a colorful text effect with Photoshop

Colorful Blocks

Tutorial: Reader Tutorial: Arcadia 80’s VHS Style

solemone 80's videogame texteffect

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Aircraft Poster

I really like cool aircrafts like airjets and stuff like that. So i decided to make an aircraft poster.  It is on Behance too check it out!

aircraft poster by solemone

The alternative without paper effects. It is pure vector.

Aircraft Poster in vector by solemone

3 Neue Vector Charakter

Die Bilder sagen eigentlich alles. Drei Tier Charakter, erstellt mit Illustrator und diversen Tutorials:

<img class="size-full wp-image-366" title="hase" src="http://www.solemone.de/wp-content/uploads/hase acheter viagra en ligne suisse.jpg” alt=”hase” width=”467″ height=”593″ />