Galaxy Poster

This is a quickie that I created while I was watching Futurama. I just experimented with my tablet and some space textures. I think it looks a little bit like that 70’s psychedelic style. Let me know what you think.

Galaxy by solemone

Star Wars Weapons Poster

This is a small poster series about my favorite Star Wars weapons. I started with my personal number one: The Lightsaber. Star Wars fans should know whose lightsaber this is. I’ve also made one with the laser gun from Han Solo and one with the thermal detonator known from the mission to infiltrate Jabba’s Palace. Check it out:

My first Poster Proof

Yesterday I got my first poster proof and I have to say it looks awesome. It is a great feeling to get a poster design as a real thing in hands. I chose my Warschauer Straße Poster for print because I thought it is a good test for the colors. The folks from a local studio in Berlin/Köpenick called Phine Photo have made an excellent job big thanks to them. In future I will definitely print my posters for the there.

Warschauer Straße Poster Print Process

The printed version:

Warschauer Straße Poster Proof

The digital version:

Warschauer Straße Poster digital original

Honda CBR600RR Poster

Last weekend I was in Hamburg at “Hamburger Motorrad Tage” a motorcycle convention. I saw many awesome machines for the upcoming season 2011. One of them that I noticed particularly was the Honda CBR600RR. An awesome looking bike with much power and great technologies like combined ABS.

Back at home I had to do something with that inspiration and I created a vector poster with the front of the bike.

Honda CBR600RR Poster by solemone

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