My first Poster Proof

Yesterday I got my first poster proof and I have to say it looks awesome. It is a great feeling to get a poster design as a real thing in hands. I chose my Warschauer Straße Poster for print because I thought it is a good test for the colors. The folks from a local studio in Berlin/Köpenick called Phine Photo have made an excellent job big thanks to them. In future I will definitely print my posters for the there.

Warschauer Straße Poster Print Process

The printed version:

Warschauer Straße Poster Proof

The digital version:

Warschauer Straße Poster digital original


  1. «jp 579» said on :

    I want one too! a real one…

  2. «solemone» said on :

    Thanks dude! Solemone store is coming soon :P

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