Honda CBR600RR Poster

Last weekend I was in Hamburg at “Hamburger Motorrad Tage” a motorcycle convention. I saw many awesome machines for the upcoming season 2011. One of them that I noticed particularly was the Honda CBR600RR. An awesome looking bike with much power and great technologies like combined ABS.

Back at home I had to do something with that inspiration and I created a vector poster with the front of the bike.

Honda CBR600RR Poster by solemone

Voodoo Child Texteffect

I am a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix and my favorite song is “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”. This song inspires me a lot and I wanted to create something with it. I have made a few sketches and decided to make a texteffect with lots of twirls. Check it out:

Voodoo Child Texteffect by solemone

Voodoo Child Texteffect with Hendrix by solemone

Voodoo Child T-Shirt by solemone

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Experimenting with acrylics

Last week I started to experimenting with acrylics on canvas. I played around a little and created some abstract piece which I call: In my head. It was such a fun and really relaxing to paint. If you have the time and you search for something away from the computer, I recommend painting!

In my head by solemone
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Oil Paintings by Jon Fox

Last week I discovered the oil paintings of Jon Fox. He creates abstract worlds with terrific characters. I really like the way he deals with shapes. For more information you can visit his Website and his Blog. Check out these amazing artworks.

Portal Jon Fox Oil painting

Ambush Jon Fox Oil painting

Emporers Dream Jon Fox Oil painting See more

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