Amsterdam City Poster Remake

I’ve made a few updates on my Amsterdam City poster. It’s an old shot from 2008 which I’ve found in my archive. I’ve made some texture changes and cleaned it up a little.

Amsterdam City Poster by solemone

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Bicycle Tour through Berlin

I’m currently on vacation and have done a bike tour through my beautiful hometown. During the trip I took some photos. It was an awesome trip and I recommend anyone a bicycle tour through Berlin. Check out the pictures.

Institut für Infektionsmedizin Berlin by solemone

Wuhle Infrared

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Ignition poster

This is a poster that is inspired by my favorite album from The Offspring.

Ignition Poster by solemone

Galaxy Poster

This is a quickie that I created while I was watching Futurama. I just experimented with my tablet and some space textures. I think it looks a little bit like that 70’s psychedelic style. Let me know what you think.

Galaxy by solemone

The Art of MTO

Last week when I was searching for Street Art inspiration from Berlin I found this portraits made by MTO. The style is just as good as the selection of the films and music legends. Check out MTO on Flickr or on Myspace. If you are in Berlin don’t miss the chance to see some works in real. For that MTO has made a map of his spots.

Do the right thing

Cidade de deus

HENDRIX 2009 remastered

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