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solemone blog redesign

As you can see I´ve designed a new theme for my blog. It´s been a while that something was changed at the design. So I decides to make a whole new theme. The new one has a bigger area for the main content and a more useful sidebar. The main change is that you see almost the entire content of the newest articles on the Homepage. You can just scroll down and don´t have to click around to read the content of the article. In the old version you only saw some thumbnails and titles of the latest ten Posts.

Almost all articles that I publish have images which I want to show as large as it goes. Because large images rock. A next big change is the header. It´s much smaller than the old one. This has the advantage that you can see more content on the first impression.

Another reformation is a small portfolio page with poster designs and design studies from me. Last but not least I renewed the contact page.

Technical Informations

The site is written in HTML5 with new elements like: header, nav, section, article and footer. I´ve also used CSS3 stuff (box-shadow, border-radius, gradients, selectors) for styling some elements. I really recommend the HTML5 Boilerplate default. It was such a help with great tips and tricks.

Here some screenshots:

Old Frontpage:

solemone old blog frontpage

New Frontpage:

blog redesign

Portfolio Page:

solemone portfolio redesign

Old Contact:

contact form old

New Contact:

solemone contact form redesign

contact form redesign validation

I´ve used a 12 x 60px Grid with 20px gutters and a 20px margin:

solemone blog redesign grid


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