The Octodrum

The OCTODRUM is a Midi controller I created in the course “Design of Physical and Virtual Interfaces” at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. It was my first experience with Arduino code and micro electronics. It’s all built and programmed by myself. Check out some photos of the Process.

Process picture of building an Octodrum pad

picture of me playing the Octodrum
Me playing the OCTODRUM.

Pad removal
You can remove the Drumpads from the body. Two meter cable.

Play the Octodrum Pad with your foot
Play the Drumpad with your feets.

Connect the Octodrum Pad to an adapter
Connect the Octodrum Pad to an adapter to protect it against slipping.

Single Octodrum Pad
A single OCTODRUM Drumpad with an adapter.


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