summer 2009 digital art

Digital art and poster which i made in summer 2009:




Planet Platte Marzahn-Hellersdorf



  1. «sis» said on :

    helLo. .your works are so coOL. .i have a question. .how to make “rainbow” like in your 1st and 4th pic.?I’m using adobe CS3. .I’m new with this. .tnx

  2. «Matthew C. Kriner» said on :

    I just discovered your blog/article. I like reading all the different things you write about, and I enjoyed seeing the images of the work you do. Nice stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  3. «alleinunterhalter» said on :

    Danke für die Info. Sehr interessanter Beitrag. Werde bestimmt öfter mal vorbei schauen. Gruß Marco

  4. «Temple Tischer» said on :

    your pictures are amazing

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