Honda CBR600RR Poster

Last weekend I was in Hamburg at “Hamburger Motorrad Tage” a motorcycle convention. I saw many awesome machines for the upcoming season 2011. One of them that I noticed particularly was the Honda CBR600RR. An awesome looking bike with much power and great technologies like combined ABS.

Back at home I had to do something with that inspiration and I created a vector poster with the front of the bike.

Honda CBR600RR Poster by solemone


  1. «Harold» said on :

    This is awsome! I can’t find any posters anywhere of the CBR, and I don’t know why… Did you actually print this off and hang it up?

  2. «solemone» said on :

    Thanks Harold. It’s an amazing bike. Yes I printed one for my self. Unfortunately I can’t sell it because of the original logo from Honda.

  3. «Damian Richards» said on :

    Got this as my iPhone screensaver, I take delivery of a brand new old stock cbr600rr in march, can’t wait. I love this!

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