List your Behance Feed in WordPress without a Plugin

List your Behance feed in WordPress is very similar to list any other feed. You can use the integrated functions from WordPress. The only problem is that the thumbnail images from the Behance feed have no tag for themselves. So we have to get it out of the project <description> XML tag. This happens with a small function, which grabs the <img> from the description string. Check it out:

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AS3 fullsize background image with pixel pattern

I have written a small class, which you may be interested.  With this class you can create a fullsize background image which fits to the width of the stage. The height of the image is proportional to the width. So it´s good to use an image with a ratio of 4:3 otherwise empty bars can show up.[loadprettifier]

To round it up I create a pixel pattern overlay so the image quality is acceptable by streching it. Known from other sites…

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