Honda CBR600RR Poster

Last weekend I was in Hamburg at “Hamburger Motorrad Tage” a motorcycle convention. I saw many awesome machines for the upcoming season 2011. One of them that I noticed particularly was the Honda CBR600RR. An awesome looking bike with much power and great technologies like combined ABS.

Back at home I had to do something with that inspiration and I created a vector poster with the front of the bike.

Honda CBR600RR Poster by solemone

Voodoo Child Texteffect

I am a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix and my favorite song is “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”. This song inspires me a lot and I wanted to create something with it. I have made a few sketches and decided to make a texteffect with lots of twirls. Check it out:

Voodoo Child Texteffect by solemone

Voodoo Child Texteffect with Hendrix by solemone

Voodoo Child T-Shirt by solemone

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